Junior High

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Principal Message

 North Davis Junior High is an AMAZING place to be. I feel lucky to work and interact with our students each and every day. One item we try to focus on is continuous improvement. As a school, we track a lot of data. We look at attendance, behavior, grades, test scores, surveys, etc. We track data to see where we are strong and where we can make improvements. Essentially, we are trying to become a better version of ourselves.

During 1st term, we set a school record by having the highest average GPA North Davis has ever had! We love to see students are learning and their grades reflect what they have learned. Data over the last 6 years always show a drop in student GPA from 1st term to 2nd term. There could be a variety of reasons why GPAs drop and we want to help. When we have long breaks (like Winter Break) students are less likely to make up assessments after the break that were due before the break.

To help students get caught up before Winter Break, we are going to have a party called, “C’s, B’s, & A’s, Before the Holidays”. Students who have ALL of their grades at C or above on December 20 will head to the gym for a party. Students who need a little more time will stay back and work with teachers until their grades are C or above. Once a student has gotten their grades up, they will be signed off and sent to the party. Our goal is to have EVERYONE attend the party.

We will have food, drinks, games, ice cream, and prizes. Teachers are ready and willing to help each child show continuous improvement. I would love to stop the trend of 2nd term grades being lower than 1st term grades. Let’s all help each other show continuous improvement each day. Thanks for sending your amazing children to North Davis.

Go Norsemen!

Tyler Poll, Ph.D.