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North Davis Junior High School
Dress Code

All students are expected to take pride in their appearance and to dress and groom in a manner that will not disrupt the instructional climate at North Davis Jr. High. The Davis School District recognizes that dress and grooming affect student behavior and safety. Please be aware of the following strict dress code when purchasing clothing for your student to wear to school. Students, parents and staff are expected to adhere to these dress standards and those who violate these standards will not be allowed to attend class or activities until standards are followed.

Consequences for violating the dress code may range from verbal warning and discipline points to suspension. Students will be required to correct the dress code violation immediately.

The NDJH Administration recognizes the importance of school, parent, and student collaboration in encouraging students to attend school dressed in a neat, clean, safe and modest manner. If any clarification is necessary, please contact an administrator at 801-402-6500.

Please be aware of the following dress code when purchasing clothing to be worn at North Davis Jr. High.


  •  Any accessory which may be considered a risk to the health or safety of others, or a distraction to the educational process, may not be worn.
  •  Belts shall not exceed six inches past the buckle.
  •  Chains or spikes on wallets, bracelets, chokers, etc. are prohibited.
  •  Belts, bracelets, earrings, purses, necklaces, etc. with sexual connotation are prohibited.
  •  Sunglasses may not be worn in the school building, unless diagnosed by a doctor.
  •  Contact lenses that obscure the natural eye are prohibited.

Body Piercings and Tattoos

  •  Body piercing, other than the ears, is prohibited.
  •  No distracting or inappropriate visible tattoos are allowed.
  •  No extreme or excessive cosmetics or body paint may be worn at school.


  •  Hair should be clean and well-groomed.
  •  Extreme and disruptive hair styles are not allowed.
  •  Hair coloration must be a natural hair color and hair should not be spiked higher than 2 inches.

Head Gear

  •  Hats, visors, and bandana style material are not to be worn inside the building.


  •  Excessively oversized jackets or trench coat styles are not permitted.

Pants, Skirts, Shorts

  •  Underwear (or private body parts) should not be visible at any time.
  •  Pants should be within 2 inches of the natural waist and not be excessively baggy, sagging, or tight and revealing.
  •  The acceptable length for shorts and skirts is no more than 3” above the knee cap.
  •  Excessive rips, frays, or ragged pants and clothing of any type will not be permitted.

School Appropriate Clothing

  •  Clothing must not display obscene, vulgar, lewd, sexually explicit messages or advertise illegal substances.
  •  Clothing which displays obscene or sexually explicit words, pictures, slogans, and messages is prohibited.
  •  Gang attire, defined by the police and/or Davis School District, is prohibited.
  •  Pajamas and slippers are prohibited.

Shirts, Blouses, Dresses

  •  Shirts and blouses must have sleeves; no tank tops or sleeveless tops.
  •  They must be long enough to cover the midriff when arms are raised and may not be see-through.
  •  Necklines must not be low cut or revealing.
  •  Bare backs, visible bra straps, and uncovered shoulders or torsos are not permissible.


  •  Shoes are to be worn at all times.
  •  Flip-Flops do not give enough support when engaged in many school activities and may not be worn, or other shoes should be available for such occasions.
  •  Skate-shoes may not be worn