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School board holds meeting in Farmington to discuss possible locations for "NDJH"

September 25th classes begin in the new school.

February 9th Dedication services
1st PTA Meeting conducted by PTA President, Vera Parker of Sunset.



North Davis Jr. High 

Through the Years
Est. 1939 - Davis School District - Clearfield, Utah



North Davis Jr High

After several renovations and one total rebuild,
NDJH serves approximately 1150 students,
and a community of multi-generational alumni.



Old North Davis Jr

North Davis Jr. High was built in 1939.
at 835 South State Street, in Clearfield, Utah.
Built for a cost of $175,000, the original building had 16 classrooms.
and served 585 students its first year.
Since its opening, North Davis Jr.
has served its students, provided employment,
and has been a mainstay for community events in north Davis County.