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New Student Information and Registration

Please call (801) 402-6507 to schedule an appointment

New Student Information

Welcome to North Davis Jr High!

New students are considered those students who come to NDJH from outside of Davis School District and/or are new to NDJH boundaries. This does not include incoming 7th graders that registered at their elementary school the previous Spring.


New Student Checklist

The following items are required by the Davis School District and
North Davis Junior High before registering for school:

Immunization Form: All immunizations must be up to date - form must be filled out by hand. Please also       see new guidelines (English and Spanish) regarding 7th grade students and the Tdap immunization requirement.
Proof of Residency in North Davis Junior High’s boundaries (two forms required) 
• Birth Certificate*   
• Picture ID of guardian registering student
Student Information Form
• Transcript of past grades/report cards
• Check-out papers from the last school attended, with the school’s complete address
• Address or phone number of former school
• Copy of I.E.P. (If student has received Special Ed Services)

* Parents: You must have legal guardianship of your student to register them in school. If not, please process your child through “Student Services” at the District Office first:

 Student Services, Director
(801) 402-5155, 45 E. State St., Farmington, Utah




Transfer Students

Transfer Students

 In-District Transfers: 
If you have moved within the North Davis Junior High School boundaries, and previously attended a Davis School District school, please ensure you withdraw from that school before enrolling at North Davis.  This will speed up the registration process and allow us to register your student in our system.  Please make sure you bring your students birth certificate and immunization records as they do not transfer from school-to-school.

Charter School Transfers (Mid-Year):
Please see new student registration information.

Charter School Transfers (from 6th grade to 7th grade): 
If you are currently living in North Davis Junior High boundaries, and wish to have your student attend North Davis as a 7th grade student in the fall, please have your current charter school indicate North Davis Junior High as your NEXT SCHOOL TO ATTEND.   If you fail to do this, you will need to make an appointment to register as a new student in the fall.  Please call the counseling center with questions or concerns about this process.
Course selections for 6th grade students will be completed during New Norsemen Preview usually in February the year before they enter 7th grade.  Information about registration is sent home over the summer in order to complete the registration process. Should you have questions about registration, please contact the counseling center.

Please call 801.402.6507 to schedule and appointment. Appointments may be made Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM-2:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM-1:00 PM.