What is PTSA?  PTSA is a non-profit grassroots child advocacy association made up of parents, teachers, administrators and students that is run and led by volunteers.  Membership correlates to your strength of the PTSA voice in support of legislation that impacts our students.  THIS IS YOUR VOICE! 

The number of memberships at each school in Davis County is vital.  More memberships mean more PTSA lobbyist representing our School District and actually talking to those who are voting in our Utah Legislature.

  • Local Level-PTSA provides fun programs that enrich the school experience (i.e. Reality Town, Lunchtime activities, Student Board, Reflections & Socials-to name just a few)
  • State & National Level- PTSA monitors legislative bills & lobbies on behalf of our children.

How Can I support PTSA?

  • PTSA Membership Dues-Yearly membership fee of $6 per person for parents and students.
  • PTSA Membership does not mean you have to volunteer your time unless you want to!!

Click here to purchase PTSA Memberships or to make a donation!