Credit Options

Before a student begins any credit program, he/she should talk to his/her counselor.


Make Up Credit:
After Term Credit Recovery: Students who have earned 40-59% at the end of the term will receive an 'I' or Incomplete for their term grade. Students have the first two weeks after the next term begins to complete missing course work. It is the student's responsibility to work with the teacher to raise the grade to passing. 
Study Skills Class: 9th grade students who DO NOT make up their 'I' will be enrolled in this class. Students will recover missing credit by using various educational programs approved by Davis School District. North Davis Junior High offers this as a free option throughout the school year. We also do 2 weeks of summer school, free of charge to help recover credit. Other options cost the student money to recover the credit. Take advantage of our free options if your student finds themselves in this situation.
Original Credit Options: 
See your school counselor for Davis School District original credit options, typically free of charge. This option is for 9th – 12th grade students who are wanting to take additional classes on top of their normal workload to graduate early. There are also options during the summer to open a student’s schedule for other classes. Summer options may cost additional money.

Northridge Learning Center -
 -Original and make up credit packets for $50 per term.

Statewide Online Educator Program (SEOP)-
 -SEOP is a program through the State of Utah that offers High School Graduation credits through varies online programs. 

SEOP Frequently Asked Questions