Student Academic Support

NDJH faculty believes that students should learn and succeed in every class. There are two mandatory and one optional program in place to help students learn and succeed. 

Mentoring Period
Mentoring is a 30 minutes class period held Monday-Thursday. All students are assigned to a mentoring teacher at our school. Students will work on daily goals and missing work during mentoring. Each student will meet with their mentor teacher one-on-one once a week to discuss what they need to work on. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.

Lunch N Learn
Students earning two or more F's will be assigned to attend Lunch N Learn for the first 15 minutes of their lunch. During this time students will report to the Counseling Center to work on missing assignments. They will be excused after 15 minutes to get lunch.  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.

Expedition After School Program 
This exciting Extended Day Program takes place after school hours. It provides students with extra opportunities to receive academic help and participate in fun activities that encourage further learning and acquiring new skills. Students in the program have the option(s) of being picked up by an authorized adult, walking home, or riding the Expedition bus, according to parent authorization in the registration form. Click on the link below for more information. ATTENDANCE IS OPTIONAL

Expedition After School Program